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Quarter Circle Accounting Systems

On August 1, 2007, SAI was contacted by Quarter Circle Capital, LLC to reorganize the accounting of two retail centers and an office building all located in Texas. We were asked to work closely with the on-site management team to audit and rectify the accounting records and prepare uniform financial statements.

On October 1, 2007 the transition of all aspects of accounting took place. SAI’s team input all leases and vacant spaces into MRI, our accounting software package to produce a uniform rent roll. We entered all balances from an Excel based spreadsheet system utilized to track the rental streams in order to produce a uniform delinquency report. We entered all accounts payables and paid bills from MRI rather than hand written ledgers as previously utilized. A third party company was retained to enter all hand written records into an Excel spreadsheet from which the SAI team was able to produce financials from date of inception through September 30, 2007. From these records we were able to produce uniform financial statements. We carried the management company though their 2007 audit and received a clean audit.